Thursday, January 24, 2008


I visited my sister in Santee, California over the holidays, mostly to spend time with her, but also because she lives near a fantastic liquor store called BEVERAGES 4 LESS that stocks microbrewed beers like you wouldn’t believe. It was there that she bought me a couple of bottles of ALPINE PURE HOPPINESS that we reviewed last year, and given ALPINE BEER CO.'s burgeoning reputation as a master brewery, I figured I had to stop in and try a few others. Amazingly, I passed up some LOST ABBEY treats while in this store like GIFT OF THE MAGI ALE, which I probably could’ve turned around on eBay for $30 (a beer! For $30!!). I was in the mood for Alpine, so stubbornly, that’s what I bought.

Too bad it was their MANDARIN NECTAR. I know, right? Mandarin Nectar??!? It’s just where my head was at the time. Alas, this ale tasted quite lager-ish, actually, and nothing like the witbier experience I was expecting. Mildly bitter, the way a Heineken is bitter. Yikes. Tastes of honey and orange, and certainly a refreshing beer – the sort that you’d slam with your bros at the game or on a patio in the afternoon. Not the highbrow microbrewed experience I needed to experience after passing up so many other treasures. Is it just me, or is it possible Alpine beers are a little “overrated”? 5.5/10.

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Anonymous said...

Those auctions on ebay are really ridiculous. Until fairly recently you could mail order them from Joey at South Bay Drugs for like $12/bottle plus shipping. And I think the capwas pretty reasonable - like 3 bottles a person. Ebay beer prices have gotten pretty ridiculous.

Also, if you want some Abyss, you should go buys some quick. I suspect everyplace will have sold out in a week or so. (City Beer and Healthy Spirits still had it quite recently.)