Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Check out fellow beer blogger THE BEER RETARD – he’s got a couple of posts that ring some bells. First, his Top Beers of 2007 post, which has a little overlap with mine, and all of the “OCD” (and then some!) you’ve also come to expect from my site. Nice work – and a few Northwestern beers we’ll have to try next time in Seattle. Second, his 2008 Beer Resolutions. Ah, I too often get this manic about my hobbies, including that of craft beer. I certainly know the feeling – I listen to a podcast like Pacific Brew News or read a site like Summer of Beer and all of a sudden I’ve convinced myself that a couple beers every night’ll be no problem.

I’ll tell you what, though, my sole 2008 beer resolution is to “reduce the impact of beer upon the middle of my body, up to and including a reduction in consumption”. I wish it weren’t true, but I promised myself “no spare tire” when I took up increased beer drinking and cataloguing as an avocation. I intend to stick by it. I think the spate of articles I’ve read in the “beer press” about beer being good for your health and whatnot – or not contributing to weight gains – are mere equivocation & apology for what is, at its core, a fairly unhealthy activity unless accompanied by a rigid exercise routine and healthy, low-calorie eating across the board. I’m rooting for The Beer Retard to meet all of his goals, and I’m rooting for myself as well. And for you. Happy new year!

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