Monday, October 08, 2007


The Belgian beer boom looks set to explode in a big way the next couple of months in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of a sudden we’ve got not one but TWO Belgian-inspired beer bars coming in the next few weeks, and both are located stumbling distance from BART, the region’s public transportation system a.k.a subway. First up is a very cool-looking (drove by it last week) storefront called THE TRAPPIST, opening in the old section of Oakland. They are already claiming that they’ll be selling a stupendous array of Trappist- and trappist-inspired Belgian beers, including, I kid you not, WESTVLETEREN 12. No really, take a look at this menu. Bring your big boy wallet and your big boy pants before heading out here. From the outside, they look almost done, so hopefully it’s only a matter of days.

I was greeted with an advertisement this afternoon in the new CELEBRATOR for an upcoming San Francisco establishment called THE MONK’S KETTLE, located in the throbbing heart of the Mission District at 16th & Albion. That would lead me to believe that it’s taking over the longtime drunkard’s bar THE ALBION, later DELIRIUM COCKTAILS, and not a moment too soon. The ad mentions 25 beers on tap and 100+ bottles, and that they’ll be up and running in November. Unreal. I can actually walk to this place, as long as I’m game for a 3-mile uphill walk home after a few goblets of ale. It wouldn’t be the first time. Check this space for opening-week reports once I get the “go-live” information on both.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's across the street from Delirium where the burger joint used to be.

Anonymous said...

Thirty bucks for one westy? A 6 pack can be had on ebay for under $100 including shipping (usually about half the cost). That's some pretty heinous mark up if you ask me.

Matt Walker (mwsf) said...

There's also a new Belgian brasserie opening in North Beach:

"The smaller street-level area will see a bar and a handful of tables for a cafe-like atmosphere (with moules frites and other Belgian casual fare), but a more formal brasserie will lie downstairs. And certainly, there shall be a veritable bevy of Trappist ales and Belgian brews."

Beer Retard said...

Looks like moving back to the Bay Area might be a better idea than I thought.

Matt Walker (mwsf) said...

That's 100% markup on the Westy. Sounds about right for bar prices.

mumbly said...

Looking forward to both. I work about 100 yards from The Trappist and live only a mile or so from Monk's Kettle (and take BART, so if I stop a stop early, I'm right there).

Be sure and let us know if you find out any firm opening dates.