Thursday, October 04, 2007


I find it hard to get too riled up about Oktoberfest. There’s no teutonic blood in the family, and the thought of spending a day in a beer garden getting all beaned-up on lagers is a happy memory of my early twenties. Still, I’ll try the odd marzen when October rolls around. Last weekend it was HACKER-PSCHORR OKTOBERFEST, a refreshing, but ultimately disappointing addition to the canon (albeit one that’s been being served across Europe and the globe since 1417). I found it difficult to muster a whole lot of excitement for this bready, flat-tasting lager. It reminded me of a orange-colored, liquid box of crackers, one that your kindly aunt & uncle brought over from their trip to Bavaria but that might have been left in a suitcase from the trip last year & just discovered during pre-packing this year. I couldn’t get into it, I’m afraid, and even lederhosen and an oompah band would have a hard time getting my 5/10 rating up to a 6. But hey, the pumpkin beers are here!

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