Monday, May 08, 2006


The MOYLAN’S crew of Novato, California continues to impress with yet another terrific beer, this one an enthusiastic 7.5 on the 10 scale. Their “Moylander” Double IPA is served up tall n’ proud in a 22-oz. bottle, and at only $3.99 per, man what a steal. It pours reddish-orange/amber, and is bursting with this real oily hop taste that might not be up the level of their incredible single IPA – which is flat-out amazing and which we reviewed right here – but which is still really intense and delicious nonetheless. If a beer can be said to be “floral” (and I know it’s said all the time), this one’s a strong candidate. Double IPAs are not for the meek, but I reckon you could sneak this into a picnic where girls are present and not ruin the party, you know what I mean? It’s just tame enough for universal applause. Are Moylan’s a candidate for Top 10 US brewers going right now? Based on the evidence, I think they’re a shoo-in. I’ve had their IPA, their Irish Red Ale and now this one – and still have never even hit their brewery that lies less than an hour north of my home. Anyone have a pick for what Moylan’s whopper to try next?

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Anonymous said...

This IPA floored us when we reviewed it a month back. Not cuz it's as strong as a 'double' might suggest but because it was subtle and well rounded- and not as much of a mouth-fuck as Stone's up-front stuff, Ruination etc.

Moylan's is definitely doing good stuff, but what we can't figure out- and maybe you have an answer to this- what's the relationship between them and Marin County Brewing Co.? The latter's easily inferior but seems like they're owned by the same guy. Thoughts?