Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The MOYLAN’S organization continues to impress with this excellent red beer, poured last Friday evening at beer dork heaven JUPITER in Berkeley, CA. I found it to have a very rich, deep taste, with no hindrances to smooth, easy gulping – though it was definitely good enough to be a “sipper”. This easy finish is one of the distinctive features of English and Irish red ales, and though this one was served cold (which I prefer), it reminded me a lot of the great beer I tasted when I was in Dublin 5 years ago (when I wasn’t taking mental notes about brands and formulating reviews in my head), albeit with barely any foam nor head to speak of (unlike a lot of the true-Irish beers). Maybe some fruit action going on. Or maybe that was at the table next to me, nyuk nyuk. I can’t quite fathom why the Beer Advocate and Rate Beer readers rate this one so low, except for the fact that I must be right and they are wrong. “The Wisdom of Crowds” be damned – I’m giving this one 8/10.

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