Monday, April 10, 2006


One has to approach a beer called the “Denogginizer” quite gingerly, as the prospect of complete & total brain loss from downing a single beer is not for the faint of heart. Luckily our barkeep talked us down from the ledge when we tried to order a pint of this monster, saying “we’re only serving this in half pints tonight – it’s 10.2% ABV”. He didn’t really say “ABV”, but we knew what he was talking about, and that sounded good to us (Beer Advocate says this stuff only packs a paltry 9% punch, what a letdown!). In any case, this Double IPA was excellent. It was sort of light copper color (copper before the rust sets in), and tasted quite carbonated and hoppy. Alcohol was definitely present and lingered on the tongue, but mostly this one just tasted great. I didn’t get mine in a “tulip glass” but the true beer dorks seem to think that’s the way to go with this one. What’s interesting is despite the Denogginizer being a killer beer, DRAKE’s don’t even list it on their web site. I say “let the bottling begin”!. A robust and brain-erasing 9/10!

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