Thursday, May 04, 2006


Since I started paying attention to the beers not regularly available on my local shelves, which is to say right around the time I got inspired enough to start this here "beer blog", there have been 3 non-nearby breweries that appear to get the lion's share of attention from true beer lovers nationwide. There's DOGFISH HEAD in Delaware (I'm dying to try this beer); AVERY BREWING in Colorado, and STONE BREWING down near San Diego. I found this "9th Anniversary Ale" from Stone Brewing a few weeks ago, and I pounced. It is truly a specialty, one-time-only selection from them, and if this is any indication of how great the rest of their beers are, well, let's load the luggage in the car and bomb on down to Escondido! As I poured it for a friend & I, I could not believe the massive foam head that grew as I poured - and stayed for almost the entire glass. I understand that that's a sign of a good beer, no? I guess that Beer Advocate classifies it as an "American Strong Ale", but with its golden/amber color and really biting hop taste, I'd almost call it a wheat IPA, if such a thing exists. What do I know, hunh? It really impressed me, this creamy, exceptionally drinkable and intensely flavorful 22-oz. beer. It made me regret pouring so much of it for my friend rather than for myself. I mean, there were year-old Newcastles in the fridge, he woulda loved those, right? 9/10, baby!


JBill said...

I have just had the always available Stone beers (pale, ipa, Arrogant Bastard Ale, and Levitation Ale) because they are in stock at the local convenience mart and they have just been about the best beers that I had had and can suggest any of them. They made me rethink my previous thoughts that New Belgium out of Colorado was where it was at. So knowing that they have special ales makes me want to get down the mountain for a trip to Escondido. Cheers.

dp said...

I would have indeed.


Anonymous said...

i'm done with stone. they are getting too big for their britches and their brew shows it. they don't brew as good as they used to.