Friday, August 22, 2008


Here’s the best Norwegian beer I’ve not only ever tried, but ever imagined. I’ve been reading about the Scandanavian brewing revolution that’s well underway, turning a region packed with light lagers and light ales into a taste-expanding, experimental hotbed of beer production. I often don’t believe the hype on this sorta thing. On the evidence of one lone beer, HAANDBRYGGERIET’s NORWEGIAN WOOD, I’m a firm believer! This beer is outstanding. Think of a dark orange/brown smoked ale with a smokiness that never overwhelms and yet is ever-present. Rich, roasted malts coat the tongue, and just when you’re adjusting to it, wham – the taste of berries comes through and sweetens the mix a bit. These berries are juniper, not your traditional raspberries or blueberries you might find in a craft ale, so there’s no overwhelming candiness to it – just enough sweet/tartness, mixing it up with that intense smoked ale flavor. Excellent. NORWEGIAN WOOD is totally unique and wonderful beer that HBJ highly, highly recommends. It’s imported into the US, so I suggest you get you some. 9/10.


Alan said...

Hey, I recognize that photo!

Jay H. said...

Hey, my apologies for stealing from you - it was just such a nice photo!!