Monday, September 07, 2009


I remember how isolated and alone I felt when I savaged THREE FLOYDS BREWING's incredibly popular DREADNAUGHT Double IPA some years ago. I thought it was foul. HBJ readers thought I was foul. I admitted confusion, broke down into a teary mess, and I haven't tried another beer of theirs since I righted the ship and gave their ALPHA KING a big 10/10 a few weeks later. Considering how renown this brewer is for so many reasons, I'm quite simply dumbfounded that's as far as I'd gone with their stuff. Until APOCALYPSE COW, that is.

THREE FLOYDS APOCALYPSE COW is another Double/Imperial IPA, and this time they totally nail it - in their own inimitable style to boot. We had some company over the other evening, and I busted out this bottle to share. When my guest chose to drink wine, I told him with a sneer in my voice, "Fine. Be that way", but inside I was pretty stoked that I was gonna have this thing to myself. APOCALYPSE COW, tangentially named after what may be my favorite film of all time, is a smooth, sweet DIPA. Not too ridiculously amped-up on the hops. You can take your time with this one, but not because your tongue is sizzling, but because it's pretty darn interesting to try and extract the different flavors going on here. Spicyness? Check? A "firm malt backbone"? Oh yessss. Oranges and tangerines? I think so, yes sir. This is a really good find, and I thank Jez, Indiana's finest beer drinker, for hooking me up with it. 7.5/10.

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Jez said...

Thank you, sir. I shall have a review of the White Orchard up this Friday.