Thursday, June 04, 2009


Yesterday I found the Mother Of All Craft Beer Stores in Atlanta, GA - I was there on business and went looking for local brews; it's called HOP CITY, and it has one of the most jaw-dropping selections of beer I've ever seen. Their web site is not up to date, so don't be discouraged. Local micros, Belgians, Norwegians, Germans, weird Japanese craft beers - it's all here. I weighed myself down with three new bombers (alas, none of them Georgia beers, but also nothing I can get at home):

I sincerely look forward to sharing the results of each tasting, presently. Meanwhile - when in Atlanta, I doubt it can get much better than HOP CITY (though look for my reports on 5 SEASONS and the BRICK STORE PUB next week).

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Rob said...

If it turns out you really like the Saint Somewhere, they actually do sell it in the City. At least at Healthy Spirits, if not also at City Beer.