Monday, August 04, 2008


I keep threatening (to myself) to take a deep dive into the uncharted beers of UNIBROUE, and the other day I did just that, purchasing the UNIBROUE TERRIBLE and the UNIBROUE 17 (anniversary ale) at the local beer seller. Neither beer is what you’d call a “light sipper” – both are big, bold and a little intimidating ABV-wise, both packaged in impenetrable dark bottles. I broke open a bomber of UNIBROUE 17 and gave it a whirl, hoping to find the same sort of nirvana I’ve found with LA FIN DU MONDE and MAUDITE. Let’s see, Unibroue 17 is a brown Belgian ale that mixes two great and contradictory flavors together quite well: tart black cherries and burnt toffee. It certainly has a “candied” feel to it while keeping the sweetness at bay. Plums and a certain “earthiness” are present. It’s a whopper for sure, 10% alcohol by volume, and really something better shared with a pal than glugged down at the kitchen table over dinner as I partook of it. I did not, in fact, reach nirvana with this one, though I enjoyed it. It did nothing to dissuade me from the notion that UNIBROUE – no matter how big the beverage conglomerate that owns them is – is right at the peak of the brewers’ art. 7/10.

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Anonymous said...

As I am an undying Unibroue fan, and have been for some amount of years. I can say that the large conglomerate that owns them... allows them to remain on target with their triples. And well done to them for guarding the beers that made them what they are. Looking forward to the Beer Fest at the Fort in Chambly this upcoming September long weekend.... I cellar my Unibroue triples for a year (minimum) before drinking.