Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I sent my poor pregnant sister into the wilds of Santee, California to procure me a set of LOST ABBEY BREWING rarities. Figured, she lives down there, I don't; she can't drink beer, I can; I have money for baby toys; she needs baby toys. It all worked out, and then some. She got me three 22-oz. bottles of splendor, all three of which will be reviewed on this blog either presently or in the near future. Let's start with what I now believe to be the finest beer ever created by incredible, world-beating brewer Tomme Arthur and his Lost Abbey team: GIFT OF THE MAGI. I'm going to get my 10/10 rating out of the way, and then tell you why.

I drank this with another teetotaller, my wife, who demanded none of the beer and yet persisted with my lip-flapping and political ranting as the 9.5% ABV warmed my noggin. GIFT OF THE MAGI is, as they say, "a burnished gold elixer", and a dry-hopped biere de garde. It is a muted orange in color - a burnished gold, you might say - and it contains both a deep roasted taste and a very (very) mild bit of funkiness. The primary flavor is honey, I'd have to say, but not honey like you find in some Trader Joe's contract-brewed knockoff, but the finest and most rare of honeys, brought to Jesus Christ himself along with a pot of frankencense or whatever. I swear to g*d, I'd drink this just about every time when put up against any other beer. It immeidately goes into my favorite beers of all time list, and I'll do anything to get another bottle of it. Again, 10/10 if you're skimming. Wow.


Rob said...

This is like one of those elementary school moments... If you didn't bring enough to share with the rest of the Bay Area Beer Bloggers, you shouldn't have brought it to class.

mrb said...

Very cool to read about this -- between the new Lost Abbey bottlings and the Russian Rivers, I'm going to have to get rid of a lot of bottles in trade to check all the good new shit out. Look forward to the rest of your posts on these, they're one of my favorite brewers.