Friday, July 04, 2008


I'm interested in hearing about any surprise discoveries you've encountered in travels to other states. For instance, a beer you brought back in your suitcase, a beer you traded for from someone far away, or something you found on tap somewhere that you could never get at home. These "interstate ephiphanies" are a blast, and they're what makes beer travel so much fun. My personal list of nine beers I could never find in San Francisco, but was blown away to discover in one of those 3 fashions above, are:

1. THREE FLOYDS - Alpha King (Indiana; received in a trade, and got on tap in Chicago)
2. BROOKLYN BREWING - Extra Brune (New York; tried on tap in Brooklyn)
3. DARK HORSE - Tres Blueberry Stout (Michigan; received in a trade)
4. DENNISON'S - Weizen (Ontario; tried on tap in Toronto)
5. SOUTHERN TIER - Heavy Weizen (New York; smuggled home in a suitcase)
6. BROOKLYN BREWING - Local 1 (New York; a friend smuggled it home in a suitcase, and shared)
7. BOULDER BEER - Hazed & Infused (Colorado; tried on tap in New York, then smuggled a bottle from Denver in a suitcase)
8. GOOSE ISLAND - 312 Urban Wheat (Illinois; received in a trade)
9. CAPTAIN LAWRENCE - Saint Vincent's Dubbel (New York; a friend smuggled & shared)

What about you? C'mon, share your discoveries in our comments section!


Anonymous said...

Bell's Batch 7000
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Midnight Sun Gluttony
Troegs Scratch #4
Kuhnhenn Tenacious Cassis
Surly Bitter Brewer
Tyranena Devil Over a Barrel

Rob said...

One comes immediately to mind: Dogfish Head's Raison d'Extra, found in Tucson, AZ.

Steve said...

For me it was very recent. Although it's in the same state I found it 6 hours away and could never get it at home. That would be Moonlight's Reality Czech Pilsner. I could drink that beer every day.

Jonathan said...

Bluegrass Brewing Company – Bourbon Barrel Stout

vgrid said...

In North Carolina,
Duck Rabbit, Rabid Duck

In Georgia
Terrapin (anything by terrapin)

In Wisconsin
Grumpy Troll, Brandy aged spetznaz

In Indiana,
three floyds (anything)

In Michigan
barleywine on tap at Bells

In Kentucky
the fish sandwich eaten with the raspberry meade at Bluegrass Brewing Company

up by chicago
the reuben sandwich with the raspberry wheat at Harrison's.

Dale said...

I need to get into trading. Great Michigan's other than Bells for what ya got. Everything Founder's and Dark Horse makes are amazing. Hell, Anyone in the upper regions of Michigan wanna trade some Short's brews for some of the other Michigan mades that don't make it up that way often, even.

Jon said...

I live in Washington, and would love to trade with someone in Michigan. It's frustrating having Jolly Pumpkin out here, but no Dark Horse, Bell's, MBC, Founders, etc. But it makes drinking those all the more enjoyable when I'm in Michigan.

The surprise discovery that stands out for me is Chama River Brewing in Albuquerque. Sometimes I'm in a place, not expecting much at all, and find something great. Definitely the case with Chama River.

Another one, well off the beaten path in Washington is Winthrop Brewing Co. They had a solid IPA and a really nice barley wine. When you're more or less in the middle of nowhere, finding such a place is a great thing.