Thursday, July 17, 2008


There's a fantastic new resource that's now officially launched after a short "quiet period" - it's the CALIFORNIA BEERZINE, and they've even seen put to publish one of my articles called "Blessed Are The Beer Dorks". I wrote it for their launch and in celebration of you and me. You can read that here.

California Beerzine is partially the brainchild of HAIR OF THE DOG DAVE, aka David Stickel, creator of one of the finest beer-released blogs "of all time". It looks like he's recruiting some heavy hitters to get this thing off the ground, like Jessica Jones, aka THE THIRSTY HOPSTER, and the HOT KNIVES fellas. Quality all the way down the line - it promises to be an outstanding place to go and look at pictures of beer whilst salivating over descriptions of beer.

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Ed Westin said...

Thanks for the shout out Jay. I'm a huge fan of HBJ and your writing, and glad to have you on board for the launch!