Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Though it seems far less than a year ago that we were talking about STONE BREWING's 11th Anniversary "black IPA", here they are with another anniversary and another fantastic, total curveball of a black beer. The 12TH ANNIVERSARY BITTER OATMEAL CHOCOLATE STOUT is a midnight black imperial stout, clocking in at 9.2% and served only in half pints at the bar I drank it at (I also bought a bottle a few weeks ago that's cooling its heels in my garage). It is quite a treat. Like many Stone beers, love 'em or hate 'em, it has a fairly alcohol-forward profile, but this is covered reasonable well by an avalanche of cocoa, Mexican chocolate and roasted malts, giving it a nice grainy taste that stands up well (i.e. it's thick but not soupy - more like rich and silky). "Perfect for summer"! Not a sweet beer by any means, which is fine with us. I think a full pint of it would've been too much to consume anyway, so grab a bomber, invite two friends over and let the mirth flow upon you. 8/10.

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Eric said...

I had this one out of the bottle a week or so ago.. and the alcohol taste so up front was a bit too much for me to really enjoy it. Still, it was interesting enough that I'd definitely give it another go after cellaring a bottle for a couple years. Maybe my taste buds have gone soft and I can't take the burn anymore? ;)