Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ever since GREEN FLASH started bringing their excellent beers up to Northern California, I get an email a week from someone or another telling me about another whopper they’ve tried from Green Flash. Recently I had their SAISON, and it not only knocked me flat, but it fueled my desire to try more of this under-appreciated style. Just last week I had my first GREEN FLASH WEST COAST IPA, and it’s another in a nice big winning streak for this brewery right now. Piney and strong, this is a very big, very classic IPA – you can not only taste the alcohol, you can taste everything. It’s fairly bitter, and not a gentle IPA that you’d want to introduce folks to the style with. That said, I enjoyed it quite a bit and would give it a 7.5/10 if pressed to score it.


Steve said...

Definitely one of the most bitter IPA's I've had. Thing just hits you with aggressiveness. Sad thing is I have regular access to West Coast IPA and have only had a single 12oz bottle. Your post reminds me that I should revisit it.

Matt Navarre said...

Thanks for the review, Jay! BTW, Our Double Stout should be making it's way north Very Soon Now (it's bottled, I just don't know what Wine Warehouse has got yet).

Also, next you're down in San DIego drop me a line, and let's get together for a beer. Or come by the brewery.

Matt Navarre
Assistant Brewer, Green Flash Brewing Co.
mnavarre *AT* cox*DOT*net