Thursday, March 27, 2008


BLACK DIAMOND BREWERY in Walnut Creek, California, has been around for some time, and though I don’t make it out to “The Creek” all that often, it was nice to find something of theirs on tap the other night in Oakland. You don’t see those guys getting a lot of play around the SF Bay Area, and I remember the one time I drank heartily at their pub as being a good one. So I tried a BLACK DIAMOND HEFEWEIZEN the other night, and it was easily the best beer of four half-pints I tried in a given night – this on a night when I was sampling wares by Bear Republic, Moonlight and Green Flash, no less. How did Black Diamond beat out those heavyweights, you ask? Well, by making a simple, juicy and lush-tasting hefeweizen. This hazy, straw-colored, medium-bodied beer is a tad more tart than most American wheat beers, and it makes me think more of the (admittedly too few) real German hefeweizens I’ve had. I don’t believe Black Diamond does any bottling, so that’s going to make it hard for most of ya to try it – but if you make it out my way, remember that HBJ says 8/10 on this one.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the Hefe in bottles but the Amber and Pale Ale (maybe IPA) are available at some Whole Foods, Bevmo and other liquor stores (Monument?).