Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Or mine, actually. This is a style I haven’t had in ages, rye beer – maybe since the last REDHOOK RYE I downed years & years ago. FOUNDERS RED’S RYE is just the ticket to reacquaint you with this style, which is described thusly on Beer Advocate:

Not to be confused with a German Roggenbier, a beer that falls into this category contains a notable amount of rye grain in the grist bill. Bitterness tends to be moderate, to allow the often spicy and sour-like rye characteristics to pull through.

Perhaps it’s not simply the fact that the word “RED” is in the title of this beer, but in so many ways this one reminded me of a slightly tinkered-with amber beer, albeit one with serious hop action and some bittering, spicy rye in the mix. That said, it is exceptionally drinkable – moderately high in alcohol (6.8%), but you won’t notice that. Founders Red’s Rye is not filling nor is it heavy, but it still has a richness and heft that’s just about perfect. There’s an old, wizened man on the label, imparting the beer-drinking wisdom of the ages with his beady little laser-beam eyes. He must be Red. Hunh. I could drink this beer anytime, save for the fact that it doesn’t sell anywhere near me, and I’d have to get on a plane to the upper Midwest to grab some. Maybe one of you can bring some out to California? 8/10.


KevBrews said...

Stuff's great, isn't it? Was originally called RyePA when it was sold out of Founders tap room, but changed to the current title, later.

You know, I almost didn't send you this one. I love it, but it's so subtle (at least compared to the others I sent) that I was sure it would be lost in the shuffle.

Henry Halff said...

You might enjoy Real Ale's Full Moon Rye.

thename said...

That close to Bear Republic and you haven't done the Hop Rod Rye (or is 20% too low?). Great beer in any case.

Jay said...

Believe it or not, I still haven't had that one. I don't know why.

Gabriel said...

I second the Real Ale, damn tasty beer (only in Texas tho' ..)