Wednesday, April 04, 2007


You’re going to be a hero to yourself and others if you can remember the name of this beer next time you’re at your local Belgian beer emporium, and a true bonafide stud if you pronounce it correctly. Monday night I asked the barmaiden at my local house of beer worship if she’d recommend me a fine dubbel, and this is what she came back with in some stunning Trappistes Rochfort glassware, along with a whopping $9.75 (!!) price tag. I was suitably impressed just a few tastes in with this one – a truly standout beer. The DE REGENBOOG ‘T SMISJE DUBBEL is a dark orange, exceptionally smooth dubbel, redolent of yeast and deep, rich malts. No question about the dried fruit taste, either – they’re strong and all over this one, likely apricots and raisins if I had to guess (I’m bad at this sort of thing). Not very carbonated and again, smooth in a very pleasing way. Only minus points at all were for having a flavor that dissipated in the mouth fairly quickly, with not much lingering aftertaste, but that also makes it kinda unique for its style and place of origin. I’d drink this again in a heartbeat, especially if you were paying. 8/10.


Anonymous said...

Just hit the Toronado for Belgian beer month this last Saturday so I'm a little late chiming in - but damn if every single beer from t'Smisje wasn't fantastic! Especially the Kerst - wow. One of the best I've had in a while. The only things I've tried previously from this brewer were their more "exotic" beers - lime, mustard etc - all interesting beers that I really didn't ever need another glass of. But all 4 of their drafts at the Toronado got me really interested in De Regenboog. But damn am I broke now!


Stonch said...

Great review, although I think you got a lot more out of the beer than myself! You can read my review of the same beer here:
Stonch's Beer Blog
. Cheers!