Thursday, April 19, 2007


A couple months ago I was just hauling random Belgians off the shelves like a man possessed, and in so doing, happened upon a beer called PAUWEL KWAK. It is, to my way of thinking, an exceptionally average beer. It is a light-colored amber, high-alcohol (8%) Belgian pale ale. I think I tasted honey, strong malts, and fairly low hops, but what I didn’t taste was character or anything that made this particularly more interesting than, say, a STELLA ARTOIS. Now obviously some folks have been getting’ their buzz on to this one since 1791, so who am I to say – but there’s a world of unexplored beer out there, my friends – no need to get your knob wet with this one. 5.5/10.


Steve said...

You are one of the first people i've seen that agree with me on this one. I tried this at a Belgian fest down here in So. Cal a few months ago not knowing a thing about it (had never even heard of it), and didn't think it was very good at all. I was pretty surprised when I looked it up afterward and saw the pretty good rating it has.

Anonymous said...

Got a small bottle of Kwak, thought it was boring. Had it on draft at Gingerman, loved it. Got a big bottle, thought it was boring again. Maybe it was that crazy wooden contraption that they served it to me in that fooled me in to loving it so much on draft! Or maybe it just varies from batch to batch.