Wednesday, February 07, 2007


(Note – I wrote this post last week but am just publishing it now….Mr Hunt graciously accepted my interview request yesterday. Look for that in the coming week or two).

I’m still waiting for Brian Hunt from MOONLIGHT BREWING to respond to my groveling request for an interview. I’m sure a cranky, iconoclastic American farmhouse brewer would like nothing more than to answer a series of emailed questions from a blogger with a daily readership of just under 60, and I hope I’m right. He must just be really, really busy, don’t you think? I hope he’s busy making more DEATH & TAXES black beer, because quite frankly, that beer’s a total knockout. I remember trying it years ago at the Toronado in San Francisco, and there it was on tap at PARK CHOW in the Sunset district the other day and I simply had to order one up with my pizza. I feel terrible for those of you who can’t find this brewery’s beers – they are only available on draft in & around the SF Bay Area, anywhere where Brian and his daughter can drive the kegs to from their farm/brewery in northern Sonoma County. (though if you look at the link above that goes to the Beer Advocate site, you’ll see a picture of this in a bottle. What’s up with that??). I feel lucky the way folks like my pal TA from Ghent, Belgium must feel when he sees Americans frothing about all the incredible beer from Belgium that they’ll never taste. Death & Taxes is a smooth, blacker-than-Alaska-at-3am beer that nonetheless has a robust character & taste that just delights the tongue. My wife, hardly a beer snob, had only this to say after tasting it – “Oh my god”. My son, who’s three years old, said, “that’s daddy’s beer” – as he so often does. And he was right. Daddy’s never rated a Moonlight beer lower than 9/10, and he’s not about to start now. 9/10!!


Anonymous said...

He caved to your interview request after you called him cranky?


Brian is a mastermind behind the tun...and one of the nicest all around people I've ever met in the brewing world.


foolsandaces said...

Brian is a hard one to get anything out of he is so modest. I'm family and i still have to read about the new stuff online.