Monday, January 22, 2007


A lot of enthusiasm swirls around this fine concoction - one perusal through the beer review sites and you'll find there aren't many (any?) naysayers around ALESMITH BREWING's holiday beer, YULESMITH. I searched for it a bit during a recent trip to San Diego - from whence it springs - to no avail, only to have my local happy grinnin' beer grocer Craig from CITY BEER STORE bring a whole truckload of Alesmith products into the store. He warned they'd be gone within a few days with no backup trip to SD planned, so I hightailed it over and gave him my money in a hurry. I won't go into one of my unpatented I-wish-I-hadn't-gotten-so-excited-because-this-was-something-of-a-letdown routines, because this beer was just fine, maybe nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to grade-A holiday beers, but something I'd easily drink again. You can see that the light amber color in the photo, and taste-wise it was a medium-ish body, with spices and deep, rich malts. Definitely some funny business going on with the balancing here, just enough to make it very intersting and keep the hopheads guessing for days. Me, I don't have enough of a nose for this stuff, nor the patience. I'll call it a very satisfying 7/10 and maybe give it another whirl next winter if I can.

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