Wednesday, August 23, 2006


A couple of weeks ago, Friday 8/11 to be exact, some friends of ours from London were due to hit our country, our city and our house with their two small children for some good times in the US of A. Unfortunately, the day they picked to fly was the day a horrific plot to blow up UK-to-US jetliners was uncovered (perhaps you remember), and thus their flight was abruptly cancelled. They persevered and found a way onto a London-to-Los Angeles flight the following day, and after driving all night from LA, they arrived bedraggled and out of sorts at our place. They hadn’t been allowed to bring a single piece of carry-on for the 12-hour flight, not even a paperback tucked under the arm, so imagine two kids, one not even 3, trying to get through said flight. If you were their parents, wouldn’t you need your Yankee friends to bust out the really, really great beer once you got to the US? Well, that’s what I thought too.

There was a bomber of MOYLAN'S HOPSICKLE IMPERIAL IPA sitting in the beer chamber - otherwise known as the garage - and having had this incredible hopped-up Double (Triple?) IPA at the 2006 Boonville Beer Festival, I figured that would calm some jittery nerves. It was, just as I remembered, just about perfect. A gorgeous orange/amber pour, with a ridiculous amount of hops that is balanced with a delicious fruit/citrus aftertaste. For some people, it might be too intense, but these representatives of the Olde Country across the pond thought it was just right. I'm getting thirsty just typing this. Seriously, I knew this was going to be great but you can't just conjur a beer this fine up - I applaud the folks at MOYLAN'S for improving their regular IPA (9.5/10) and Moylander Double IPA (7.5/10) with this monster. 10/10! Thank you, may I please have another.

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