Thursday, August 31, 2006


I found myself in New York City again a couple weeks ago and in need of a beer. Now that I’ve discovered the Ginger Man pub near the hotel I stay at, I’ve made that my late-night-after-the-flight-gets-in stop, and I’ve been attempting to order stuff I know I can’t get on the West Coast. My selection this time was the MOJO IPA from Colorado’s BOULDER BEER, definitely something I can’t get in CA and something I’ve never heard of before. Their site says they were Colorado’s first microbrewery, and clocking into service in 1979, I guess I can believe it. Their Mojo IPA – I’ll bet they didn’t start the company with that one – was a very good, refreshing, and adequate selection after a 5-hour flight, and a 15-minute walk through 88-degree heat & humidity (I actually arrived in the pub drenched in sweat, looking like I’d just finished a triathlon, & you know that’s always a bit hit with the ladies). It had some classic IPA elements, like the biting hop character, but with a more dry finish than I’m used to with IPA’s. It also was a nice, deep orange in the glass & smelled of citrus and other good things. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but only in the sense that I was enjoying a well put-together beer and nothing outrageously great. Hedonist Beer Jive says 7.5/10, and that’s good enough to try again someday.

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finn said...

Jay, if you see it, try their Hazed and Infused. Despite the corny name, it is my favorite Boulder beer. It's very hoppy and for reference, compares favorably to Pyramid's Thunderhead IPA.