Monday, July 17, 2006


Down in Santa Cruz, which is 90 minutes south of my home in San Francisco, a new brewery has popped up called SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAIN BREWING that’s starting to garner some quick attention for its devotion to "organic" brewing (much like the EEL RIVER BREWING CO.) and for the high quality of its products. They're not available in the greater Bay Area, though, so on a fact-finding mission to Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago, we stopped at the hippie grocery store downtown and picked up a bottle of this ORGANIC DEVOUT STOUT and gave it a whirl. Pretty impressive. This crew knows how to bring out the deep chocolaty tastes in a stout and mix it almost with an espresso feel - oh yeah, with a bunch of alcohol too -- making it easily as good as any of the celebrated Irish stouts available everywhere. There's a "roasted" taste to this one that you'd probably look for in any good stout - god, I have to admit it's been so long since I've had a stout that this was truly a pleasure. It must be all those Double IPAs and Belgian Ales I've been consuming - something this smooth & enjoyable is a total counterbalance to the taste bud-engulfing hop monsters regularly served up in my house or in my bars of choice. It wasn't perfect (I'll go with a very respectable 7/10) but hey, these guys have been in business like 2 months and they're already off to a roaring start. Give 'em a ring next time you're in Santa Cruz to watch some world beat bands or to play in the hacky sack tournament!

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