Friday, May 26, 2006


So I was in Maui for a week recently, and took a wife-less, kid-less drive out to the mini-mall in Kahului to find what looked to be a giant liquor store calling from the road when we passed it on the way in from the airport. Turned out it was a giant liquor store, a fine one, stocked with all sorts of high-end craft beer from around the globe. We’ll talk later in this forum about some of the Hawaiian varieties I was able to sample on this sojourn, but my “spend” at said store was on a 4-pack (a 4-pack!) of NORTH COAST BREWING’s “Pranqster Belgian-Style Golden Ale”. The place we were staying had one of those midget-sized (I mean little people-sized) fridges so I reckoned a sixer might not fit in there, plus I’d had pretty good luck with North Coast in the past, having visited the brewery in Fort Bragg, CA around the turn of the last century. Pranqster did not let me down in the least. It was smooth as silk, with a total citrus mouthfeel punch that was about perfect for the climate. Golden/orange color with a large foamy head. Carbonation was almost non-existent, and I found four different settings in which to drink this – on a deck, with lunch, before sleep, and with Thai Food. It was solid gold every time. After three I came up with my rating of 7.5/10, which is pretty healthy. As someone fairly new to the Belgian style(s), I’d have to say this is about as easy an introduction as possible & might be a good way to nudge oneself into the form.

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I just picked up a tall bottle of a new North Coast Belgian - Brother Thelonious (with Monk on the bottle decked out like a monk). It looks like North Coast donates money to a some sort of jazz society & some of the proceeds from this beer go to that. Haven't tried it yet but it looks promising. The Pranqster's one of my favorite American stabs at the Belgian style so I have high hopes for this one! I'll let you know.

s miller