Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I’m a fan of water. I dig yeast too. Barley is gnarly. But mostly it’s all about the hops. You like hops, you’ll love BEAR REPUBLIC brewing company’s RACER 5 IPA. I enjoyed a refreshing pint of this last week at a local watering hole, and was exceptionally pleased. The brewery is based in Healdsburg, CA, which is more of less still part of the California/Napa Valley wine country but which has also blossomed into a beer mecca in its own right – as least in the counties that surround Napa (Sonoma and Marin in particular). This bold, gripping IPA is just another example of knockout beers sprouting up in Northern California like summer dandelions. I commented immediately upon the first gulp that the beer reminded me of a super-hoppy Hefeweizen due to a very lemony, citrusy aftertaste, but I guess it really tasted more like a classic IPA, a style that, along with the “Double IPA” is fast becoming my favorite. At least among the ones I know about. When I tell you this thing’s extremely bitter and packs a bite, I know that you know that’s a compliment. Should I start scoring these beers? Oh all right – a bold, biting, bitter 9 out of 10!


Socialretard said...

Racer 5 is an excellent IPA. I remember they always seem to have it at the Kilowatt among other places.

Have you tried the Sierra Nevada IPA? I like the Pale Ale and Porter fine but was surprised just how good the IPA was. It doesn't have the intense hoppy kick of some IPAs but it's got enough of an edge to it while still being very drinkable or as the beer snobs say, a good "session beer."

Jay said...

Hey SocialRetard, I can't remember having that -- I think I burned out on Sierra Nevada products pretty hard the past 5 years, but I had the Porter again the other day and it was amazing on draft. Last night I enjoyed a Moylan's IPA - I think I've got a new favorite - better even than this RACER 5.

Anonymous said...

I recommend trying, if you haven't already, the Deschutes Hop Trip. A new-ish pale ale that so far I've only seen in 22 oz bottles. Delicious & hoppy as hell.