Friday, January 29, 2010


And I'm a far better man for it. My first beer from Minneapolis' SURLY BREWING came to via post by "The Captain" from The Captain's Chair blog - thank you my friend - and it's even better than I'd prepared myself for. Oh, no question I was "psyched beyond belief", but this hopped-out imperial red ale from a big tall boy can is flat-out outstanding. The gang from SURLY, who are newer on the brewing scene than even this blog, are hitting it out of the park by all accounts, which is why I was so desperate to finally trade for some. I'll admit, I've taken better photos before, but I've had only a couple dozen better beers in my drinking life.

SURLY FURIOUS smells fantastic, with fresh hops and an aromatic mix of scotch-ale style malts and even pineapple in the mix. The pundits call it an IPA, and maybe they're right, but it tastes to me more like a malty Scottish ale that's been infused with a insanely liberal dose of hops, then balanced perfectly. In case you're not familiar with the concept of "International Bitterness Units", or IBU's, this has got 99 of 'em, and that's about as high as you can go - so no namby-pambys allowed here. Fluffy head, fresh taste, and just a winning combination of flavors all around. 9.5/10.


amh said...

So happy to have Surly in my area! If you wanna trade I'd be happy to send you some of the new brews when they come out.

Smoke = Baltic porter aged in oak barrels. Comes out soon(ish)

Aaron said...

It's a hell of a beer. Todd at Surly knows what the hell he's doing. Glad you enjoyed it!

Dave said...

Finally got to try Furious! Nice! Fantastic fantastic beer

Jez said...

99 IBUs and a bitch ain't one of 'em?