Sunday, August 09, 2009


Ever since I've been reading about Longmont, Colorado's LEFT HAND BREWING I've seen glowing references to their MILK STOUT. It's a counter-intuitive "flagship" beer, but apparently it's among their biggest sellers. I once even read that it was "the best stout in America". Well well well. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. On a night in Atlanta two weeks ago when I quite frankly did not feel like drinking a beer, but did so anyway because I found myself at a restaurant with a fantastic beer selection, I figured whatever I chose was going to have to be at that exalted level to overcome my general ennui.

LEFT HAND MILK STOUT has no head at all, zero. As still as Walden Pond, baby. But wow - it is just loaded with flavor. Roasty for sure, but not throat-scraping like some stouts can be, especially the big boys. I'm tasting chestnuts - and coffee. It's medium-bodied and pretty easy to drink, given how creamy it is. Hey, I think the pundits were right about this one. Now if we could just get some of this black elixir in California all would be right and just in the world. 8/10.


spotted face said...

It is great beer! Have you tried their Black Jack Porter? great porter!

HomeBrewHawk said...

There are not enough sweet stouts like this around. Mackeson has never been quite the same since they stopped sending us the British version. I used to like Sheaf from Australia as well, but I haven't seen it in years.