Friday, May 01, 2009


Already up to my ninth SOUTHERN TIER BREWING beer now, thanks in large part to east coast beer fiend MCM flinging them my way. It has been a wild ride. The brewer is almost wholly unknown out in San Francisco, but I feel like they’re one of my best best friends in the whole wide world. Here are eight reasons why, along with the scores to back it up:

Hoppe – 9/10
Heavy Weizen – 9/10

Cherry Saison – 8.5/10
Oat – 8/10
Raspberry Porter – 7.5/10
Oak-Aged Cuvee 1 – 7/10
Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale – 6.5/10
Big Red – 6/10

Outside of two that just didn’t quite measure up, all of the beers I’ve had from this outfit have been superlative, exceptionally well-crafted, moderately experimental ales. Let’s add another winner to the list. Some people will tell you that SOUTHERN TIER UNEARTHLY Imperial IPA is the best thing they make. These are people that undoubtedly like a little hop action in their beer. I’m not gonna argue with them. UNEARTHLY comes on really strong, dosed to the max with five different hops (!!!), but soooo balanced. The brewing scientists behind this one were somehow able to tame an 11% ABV beer into something quite manageable – a malty, somewhat piney hoppy ale that’s good for every drop. Contrary to other reports I’ve seen on this one, I don’t feel like it’s particularly sweet or sticky – believe me, if it was, I’d tell ya. More of a musty and warm feel to it, and just not as bitter as these things can get when done wrong. I really dug it, and would love to have it fresh on tap the second after the keg hits the lines. 8/10.


Aaron Goldfarb said...

Yes, it's even more amazing on tap, and now there's even an OAKED Unearthly.

HomeBrewHawk said...

Southern Tier is real hit or miss for me. The Oak Aged Unearthly was a hit. A bit expensive, but the oak really worked with this beer. I had a Mokah last night, and it was more of a miss. The chocolate and coffee seem very bitter to me and not in a good way. We just started getting the Phin and Matt's in KC, and it's a pretty solid Pale Ale.

Dave said...

On tap like Aaron said this stuff is one of the best IPAs out there. Oaked is fantastic. Just fantastic.

Doug said...

If you would like to use my picture of the Southern Tier Unearthly IPA, please link it to the original image: