Monday, March 23, 2009


This is an excellent “jet brown” ale from a previously unheard-of-by-me brewery straight outta Detroit, MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS. It has a simple, thin body and no real foam to speak of, but a great toasty backbone and the expected mild nuttiness. Imagine a cross between acorns (which I admit I’ve never actually tasted) and hazelnuts. That’s what you’re drinking here, my friends. An acorn-hazelnut, smooth-drinking, classic English brown ale from the Cass Corridor in Detroit Rock City. As mentioned every single time I review a brown ale on this site, there’s usually not a whole lot to say about these simple, classic, brown beers, as long as they hold true to form. NUT BROWN ALE definitely does and then some. 7.5/10.


Jeff said...

A blast from my past. Waiting in the parking lot for MCB to open. The wonderful tiled counter you can sit at. Having the strong ale the few times it is on tap. And Ghettoblaster...much better on tap than in the bottle. Good to see MCB making it your way.

Raphael said...

Hi Jay!!
cheers from Brazil!

I really like your blog!!
I´ve a blog about beers too - All beers, check it:

Do you wanna trade some beers?
(I can send for ya beers from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguai).
I never do that, is it possible to send beers to diferent countries?

p.s: i wrote the same to Roughneck's Take On Beer

see ya

Wörtwurst said...

Ha, I figured it would be crap. Now I can safely try one the next time I see it.