Friday, January 30, 2009


After years upon years of hype, after reading countless chunks of type dedicated to espousing the many virtues of SIERRA NEVADA’s famed BIGFOOT BARLEYWINE-STYLE ALE, I finally tried my first glass of it the other night. This is the 2008 version, and it’s about the most ridiculous, over-hyped, uninspired glass of mediocre beer I’ve had in ages. Seriously, folks? This near-tasteless, thin-bodied, not-hoppy-enough, too-malty, somewhat grape/fruity/caramel thing with the vague aspirin taste? Look, I think Sierra Nevada deserve major kudos for putting out consistent products over the years, with special admiration going toward the CELEBRATION ALE that’s just about perfect. But unless I got a bad glass or something (I highly doubt it, it tasted very “normal”), BIGFOOT is the most overrated beer I’ve ever had. 5/10.


Anonymous said...

Jay, how the heck did you not try Bigfoot til this year?? I had this year's the other day. Didn't hate it as much as you (and didn't detect any aspirin) but I wasn't moved to buy any more.


Beer Retard said...

I'm not one to pontificate about the benefits of "laying down" beer, but I hear that's the way to really enjoy Bigfoot.

Hans said...

I feel the same way. I was underwhelmed by it. I had it side by side with Drake's Brewers Droop Barleywine, and the Drakes was ten times better.

tedo said...

Jay before coming to a conclusion that its the most overhyped beer you might want to try more than one bottle. Especially one that's a year old if it wasn't kept properly then of course it wouldn't taste good. I just popped open my 2008 and it was still delicous. Yes very malty upfront but had really nice grapefruit hop tones at the finish. Not saying its the best thing ever, but you might want to try more than one bottle before coming to such a conclusion.

J.Rhode said...

Not to nitpic, but isn't that the 2007? Thought the 2008 had a different label. Pretty hoppy fresh, but agreed, overhyped and overrated.

Anonymous said...

"BIGFOOT is the most overrated beer I’ve ever had"

First of all, it's not beer, it's barleywine. Second of all, if this is the first time you've ever had it, nobody cares what you think you cherry fuck! I've been drinking it for 18 years, since I was in high school, and it is still the quintessential barleywine.
It is true this year has a different flavor than some of the previous years, but did you not pick up the notes of berry and orange blossom? The spice of vanilla?

Jay said...

"Notes of berry and orange blossom - the spice of vanilla"? Wow, this is the ultimate "beer douche" comment I've ever seen on this site.

"It's not a beer, it's a barleywine".