Friday, June 13, 2008


Ahhh…..been a long time since we brought a Belgian Quadrupel into the house. Those things can get dangerous, but being that we at HBJ are big fans of the DE REGENBOOG family of beers, seeing this one on the shelf at San Francisco’s Healthy Spirits immediately triggered the “buy” reflex. T’SMISJE BBBOURGONDIER comes in this brewer’s trademark 11.2-oz stubby bottle, and it clocks in at (whoa!) a big 12” alcohol. Needless to say, the first thing one notices is how “warming” it is. This dark quadrupel is medium-bodied, and had not the “4-finger head” one often gets from a big beer like this – maybe something closer to two fingers. You know what? Who cares?? I really enjoyed the caramel, plum & fig tastes that sprang from this one, along with other dark, sugared flavors. You will likely not find it to be particularly overpowering. I sure didn’t, and sometimes I can get a little blown away with the ABV jumps into double digits. Another winner from this brewer. 8/10.

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Matt said...

Interesting side-note that this beer was originally brewed for the excellent Burgundian Babble Belt online community.

Dany P at Fantome has also brewed a series of BBB beers.