Thursday, June 26, 2008


At THE TRAPPIST the other night I decided to up my ALLAGASH BREWING game and try out the ALLAGASH CURIEUX, an 11% ABV “big beer” that I’ve resisted buying it bottles due to its $10+ price tag. CURIEUX is indeed big. I could taste the fact that it was barrel-aged in oak from the very first sip of foam – even before I got to the liquid itself. The beer is obviously exceptionally well-made: it left an intricate pattern of lace on the glass (some people actually get off on that sort of thing), and it grew ever-tastier as it warmed, with sweet, thick tastes of maple and oak came through. It’s a “pretty” beer as well – a light orange, which belies its very thick mouthfeel. I don’t know, it was pretty good but maybe not something I wish to invest in again. What sayeth others? 6.5/10.

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Jon said...

I've had this a number of times, and really enjoy it. I'm partial to the bourbon barrel flavor, and loved the idea of doing a tripel in that style. They did a great job with it, I think. That said, it's probably not worth the price. The beer itself is wonderful, but it's damned expensive.