Tuesday, April 08, 2008


In January I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics show and posted dispatches here, here and here. I returned last week for another work-related trade show, and decided to only venture forth in search of beer 1 of my 3 nights in town, given as the other nights were to work-related events. I decided to return to POUR 24, the tiny patio bar in the New York, New York hotel and casino – a decent place with outsized Vegas-style prices ($7 for a glass of beer, no matter which one you order), but 24 good craft beers on tap. Hence the name. After getting things going with a STONE RUINATION again, I decided to go local and asked the ‘lil lady behind the bar for a SIN CITY AMBER. Sin City Brewing appear to be a Vegas-only thing, and even have a tiny bar within one of the shopping areas in one of the casinos, I forget which. Anyway, this amber has its time and its place. It was fairly unremarkable but had a hint of sweetness and liveliness that I enjoyed for its quenching characteristics. I can imagine a cooler full of these making for a hell of a day on a river raft or something. Stacked up against some of the heavyweights of the microbrewing universe at this bar, it was fairly middling, but in its simplicity I found something to admire, and it was just different enough to be notable. 6/10.

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