Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I’m going to take a breather from beer writing and from the beer world in general for a short while, but don’t you worry – I’ll come back. I’d like to try & slowly get through the stash I’ve got sitting at home, and additionally make good on the desire to knock off a beer-driven pound or two. So without a lot of commentary, here’s what’s been sitting in the “notes” section of my cell phone, getting ready for the full-blown write-up on HBJ that never came:

MOONLIGHT TOAST (SLIGHTLY BURNED) MALT LIQUOR – Sampled at the Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco. Very good, not as great as last year’s; 6.2% ABV, amber/brown, fresh-tasting, medium hops, deep barley flavor. 8/10.

LION BREWERY RED ALE – Sampled at the Huether Hotel, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Notes say “standard amber”. 6/10.

GREEN FLASH SAISON – Sampled at the 21st Amendment Pub & Brewery, San Francisco. Wow! Great mild sourness, smooth, with tastes of lemon & clove. Best saison I’ve ever had. 9/10.

LAGUNITAS IMPERIAL RED – Sampled in a 12-ounce bottle at home. Like Boont Amber on ‘roids! Aggresively malted, sweet hops. Awesome. 8.5/10.

IRON SPRINGS SCOTCH ALE – Sampled at the Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco. Another stunner. Great thin-bodied red scotch ale with mild hops and a terrific taste. 8/10.

FULLER’S LONDON PORTER - Sampled at the Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco. Thin, creamy, and ultimately quite bland. 6.5/10.

Until next time, keep your feet on the ground & keep reaching for the stars.

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