Monday, December 10, 2007


Here’s one take on the Top 25 Microbreweries in the country. Some definite ringers in there, though one might argue they’re somewhat out of order. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Who the hell came up with this list?

Independence? Redhook? Rahr? Big Sky?

Seriously, it isn't hard to name twenty breweries a head and shoulders above those: Alesmith, Surly, Three Floyds, Midnight Sun, Troegs, Oskar Blues, Bells, Founders, Allagash, Victory, Souther Tier, Moonlight, Berkshire Brewing, Ommegang, Firestone Walker, East End, Moonlight. And that list no doubt reflects some geographically bias, and there's many deserving ones I've missed.

And managed to leave off so many vastly more deserving breweries like Alesmith, Surly, Three Floyds, Bells, Founders, Midnight Sun, Southern Tier, Troegs, Hair of the Dog, Oskar Blues, to name just a few.

Anonymous said...

that's what I get for being sloppy about editing my comment. But you get my point.

Rick Sellers said...

I thought it was a very good list. Every list of "top" anything will be incomplete, but she didn't have many brewers listed that weren't deserving of listing. Jay, you are right about the ordering of the list, but again if anyone else put that list together I don't know how much we'd improve it. Thanks for the link.

josh mishell said...

yeah, i think that these lists are very subjective, obviously. we at flying dog are happy to be on the list, though!

maybe we should all post our top ten breweries list to see how everyone's tastes differ.

flying dog brewery

Anonymous said...

Why not?

In no particular order:

Russian River
Jolly Pumpkin
Lost Abbey
North Coast

I'm sure there are lots of great east coast brewers that I don't have access to in California which explains the west coast-centric-ness of this list.


Jay said...

OK, I’m game. In order:

1. Russian River
2. Lost Abbey/Port Brewing
3. Avery
4. Moylan’s
5. Unibroue
6. Moonlight
7. Marin Brewing
8. Telegraph Brewing
9. Allagash
10. Dogfish Head

Anonymous said...

New Belgium? Are you fucking kidding me?

1. Six Points
2. Bear Republic
3. Stone
4. Russian River
5. Alesmith
6. Southern Tier
7. Avery
8. Green Flash
9. Lagunitas
10. Dogfish Head


RB said...

that list is totally west-coast-centric

Correct me if I am wrong but there are only 3 east coast breweries on there and as a New Yorker I noticed NO New York Breweries.

It'd be hard to make a list like this but I know for sure, Sixpoint would probobly be in the top three. of course since they hardly bottle it's tough for most to experience what I take for granted....

but yeah that list is a little out of what given the title...

RB said...

also to piggy back on my last new yorkcentric comment it's hard to believe that their is no mention Brooklyn Brewery and Sierra Nevada not being on that list is just silly, they deserve to be on there over Harpoon

RB said...

in no particular order
Jolly Pumpkin
Sierra Nevada
Captain Lawrence
Dogfish Head
Three Floyds

Steve said...

My favorites, or breweries I wish I had more access to based on what I know and maybe what limited I've had from them...

(in general order, not exact)
1. Russian River
2. Port/Lost Abbey
3. Firestone
4. Deschutes
5. Founders (reputation + loved their breakfast stout)
6. Stone
7. Three Floyds (alpha king was SO good, and I'm banking on liking Dark Lord too when I pop it open soon)
8. Bear Republic
9. Alesmith
10. Sierra Nevada

Pretty West-Coast-centric I know, probably would change if I had access to a lot of Surly, Bell's, etc.

socialretard said...

Ridiculously West-Coast-centric with a Pacific NW bias:

1. Russian River
2. Port/Lost Abbey
3. Green Flash
4. Lagunitas
5. Bear Republic
6. Sierra Nevada
7. Walking Man
8. Elysian
9. Big Time
10. Great Divide

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