Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You know and I know that GREEN FLASH BREWING, a San Diego upstart of the last few years that's helped to further that city's deserved brewing reputation, is capable of great things. I thoroughly enjoyed their barleywine earlier in the year, and though I have yet to try them, all the kool kidz tell me that the Imperial IPA and the regular-ol'-IPA are to die for. I believe it. So why does their EXTRA PALE ALE taste like aspirin? I tried to quaff a pint of this the other night at Jupiter in Berkeley, CA, and it was as if I was trying some unbalanced homebrew that a rookie like me might try. This, like the last beer we reviewed, also goes for the English style, which means it's bound to be a more dry, crisp and malty beer than an American pale ale, which is often bursting with citrus and moderate hops. But no matter, I say. If it doesn't taste good, it doesn't taste good. All breweries are allowed a bogey from time to time - I'm thinking this might be GREEN FLASH's. 4/10.

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Steve said...

That unfortunate thing, for Green Flash, is that they even say on their website that this is suppose to be an American style pale ale. I thought it was a bit one dimensional. A little hops and some bitterness in a very light beer is what I remember.