Thursday, December 21, 2006


It hasn’t been easy for me to find non-California-based holiday ales to drink and to write about this season, so I jumped at the chance to grab one all the way from Oregon.... : BRIDGEPORT EBENEZER ALE, from the longtime brewing stalwarts at BRIDGEPORT BREWING CO. Well, they make a damn good holiday ale. I was proud to oxymoronically ingest one at a Hanukkah party over the past weekend. It’s really dark and cloudy, and promises untold goodness from the first whiff. I felt that its mix of roasted malts and fairly light hoppiness led to something that could be considered nearly great, and it’s one of the best examples of the ill-defined “holiday” style that I’ve had this year. I immediately wished I had a 6-pack of it, because I bet it’d age well. Try and snag one or more of these if you get the chance, and tell them HBJ sent ya. 8/10.

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Steve said...

Another non-california holiday ale that I liked was the Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale.