Monday, November 06, 2006


I have been negatively taken aback recently at a couple of beers I've been sampling from ROGUE lately, leading me to question the depth of my allegiance to the brewery. No more. The AMERICAN AMBER ALE is an excellent return to form. It is a stunning-looking deep, deep amber/brown in the glass, and smells of sugars and fruit. In fact this is a much sweeter beer than I expected - not cloyingly so, but in a pleasing way that interacted with the 5.6% alcohol level very well. As opposed to say, ANDERSON VALLEY BOONT AMBER, I'd call this one a much more "juicy" and less malty version of the classic American-style amber beer. Really great, and one to add to the list of beers to stock early and often. 8/10.

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Kyle said...

Yes indeed. Total agreement on this one. Very nice beer. Great for band practices! Nice and refreshing.